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Cronici concert
Interview with Tim [2011-01-28]


Hello, Ripper

My name is Marcel Platon, I am a radio journalist and DJ at CityFM in Bucharest! What is up my friend!!!


*Which Is your first Judas Priest song that you've heard when you were young? Jugulator..hahahaha  Kidding, Wow..not sure, the one that got me hooked was electric eye, just hearing how he changes his voice was great...but I just loved them all

*What other bands were you listening in the 80's? Oh..Maiden, Dio, Savatage, Anthrax, Metal Church, Metallica, Megadeth, pretty much any metal...just loved it

*Your strength from voice is something that you've worked it hard or you are born with it? Well I was born with it, It is a gift, but I have really worked on it and made it stronger..I can always get better and I always try to do that

*Do you still meet your band mates from Winters Bane or British Steel? Well Dennis Hayes still jams with me, and I see Terry Salem the original drummer but as for that I am not really in contact, we are all still friends but everybody is busy with there own lives

*Is there any chance to hear some news about a future HAIL project? Or a DVD? There is, the Labanon show..Gotta say it should be out by now, Show the fucking concert already before I die...Not sure what is holding it up

*Your mom still coming to your shows? ( I've seen her behind sound mixer in a video recording) Yea, she comes down to me restaurant (Ripper Owens Tap House) and watches me jam acoustic, her and my Dad..They try and get out as much as they can, They are my number on fans

*This year,on 18th of february you will sing in Romania! Who are the musicians you're bringing here? It is musicians from Hungary..they are great players! They backed me up when I played a show in Budapest last year and I had a blast with them!! The Fans are gonna love the show, it is a GREAT set list

*Can you give me a setlist that you prepared for us? I can not...hahahahha!!  But is has changed from tours in the past

*Did you check the contract for "Relentless"? You recorded the vocal session and you are not credited? Oh I am credited..It is on there, I just wasn't told It was coming out so it was all a bit strange. I love working with Yngwie and I think this cd is better then Perpetual flame...AXE to grind rocks!! lol

*How is Yngway as a mate in a band ( not like a musician)? Great, he is a funny guy and we get along great, we catch a few movies and stuff, a real joy to be around

*After Play My Game do you prepare a second solo album with guest musicians? We I would love to do one, not really with a many players, maybe with just one band!! I think it would be great

*You are a powerfull singer, you are a composer, do you know to play any instrument? I do..I play guitar, not well but I do! I love to write songs, you know just sit down with a guitar and start playing!!!

*Is still annoying you a part of media when they are call you a clone of Rob? Or how do you react?It rally does bother me..I have done so much and I tour solo all the time, It is a shame that people think this, I am myself, I do so much on my own, but it is what It is...Mostly it is blabbermouth morons that just sit there fat greasy as behind a computer and are jealous of all the bands on there, I mean I have done more then a lot of people, I love what I do, I love to sing the best I can..and I unlike other musicians I have met I Love the fans and to make them happy

*Did you ever sing with Rob Halford? Or are you going to do this thing? No, and I would think it would never happen, But I would love to..I have always said we should do a cover of under pressure together; Rob is just great and a friends

*Which are the sources of inspiration for your compositions ? Mostly everyday life, but great thing about writing a song is you can write about anything you want too

* I remember that you helped write Judas Priest's  song"What's My Name"? Why didn't write you more tracks? I'm not sure..I think I have now proven that I could have helped out..I mean songs like Scream Machine and the cover up would be great on any JP cd

*Thank you for your music and I'll see you in a couple of weeks Thank you...spread the word about the show and I will see all you metal heads soon...lets pack it in

*How important for you is Youtube and the other media resources (MySpace, Facebook) and how affect directly the illegal downloads. Represent that thing a possibility for young band to be promoted in some way? I like it..I wish I could have more then 5000 friends but face book is GREAT...

*What is your real opinion about the fact that Youtube restrict videos in many countries (including Romania) because record labels claims copyright rights I think they should get permission and pay a little something to play them..if it is the real song..

Long live rock'n'roll!  You got it





Beyond Fear...Coming at you

Tim Ripper Owens | Myspace Music Videos


"Screaming through the East" Solo Tour 2011
w/ Hungarian backing band
2/11 - Uzhgorod/Ukraina - Babalu Club
2/12 - Kiev/Ukraina - Route 66 Club
2/13 - Illichevsk-Odessa/Ukraina - Metropolis
2/14 - "day off"
2/15 - Lugansk/Ukraina - Colosseum Club
2/16 - Donetsk/Ukraina - Club Liverpool
2/17 - Sibiu/Romania - Oldies
2/18 - Odorheiu Secuiesc/Romania - Thunder Rock Club
2/19 - Pécs/Hungary - ZION



Thanks to Marcel Platon from City FM for his time & effort!


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